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Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) is a not-for-profit marketing company that provides low-cost marketing and support to others. We give the opportunity for others to have great looking websites that don’t cost the earth, marketing services including social media PR and so much more…

Come and find out more about what we do and how we are different to other marketing companies

Low Cost Marketing Services

Our range of marketing services are designed to help local charities and community groups gain the most opportunities out of digital media tools. They include:

  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design & Printing
  • Photogaphy
  • and so much more…

Help for Job Seekers

Our voluntary and work experience opportunities are all about helping job seekers get into work (whatever the reasons). We provide FREE Training to Job Seekers in a number of areas including:

  • Marketing
  • Admin
  • IT
  • Website Design
  • Event Management
  • Graphic Design
  • and so much more…

Weekly Drop Ins

Come and visit us at the Seaside Community Hub every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for one-to-one help with basic IT skills and help to get into work or start your own business.

Come and Join Us

Come and be part of the team and help improve your own career plans as well as helping others in the local community.

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Eastbourne Business Awards 2015 in Education, Training and Motivation Category

TalkTalk Digital Hero 2015. You can read more about this in the Eastbourne Herald

Marketing news to share

What is a Micro Moment and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

When you run an ecommerce business, you might think it’s tough to connect with customers since there is so much competition online. But what if there was a tiny instance where the opportunity for you to connect with potential customers and make a sale increased? They...

10 Best Email Apps for Small Business Owners who Use iPhone

Smartphones have unquestionably become an essential tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. One of the principle reasons busy professionals are glued to their smartphones is to check their emails. In fact, such is the obsession with checking emails on mobile...

Best Business Fonts for Every Situation

Choosing the fonts to use for your business and marketing materials is a very important part of your design plan. There are several different situations where you’re going to have to pick fonts for specific projects. Each of these different formats has its own set of...

4 Ways Instant Gratification Has Changed Content Marketing

How fast do you like to consume your content? According to a study, the attention span of humans is less than that of a goldfish --  eight seconds. It goes without saying that people are hungry for content and consuming it at a faster pace than ever before. The...

3 Strategies to Attract Clients inspired by the TV Show Friends

Strategies for attracting clients are all over the internet. It can be confusing to know where to start. If you’re a rock star at what you do, but you know you need to promote your small business more, you don’t want to come off pushy. Here are some tips to get your...

Inexpensive Ways to Build Your Brand

When people think of your business, they must identify it with a unique brand image. To build your brand identity, you should integrate the company’s logo with the company personality — the company’s values, services and ability to effectuate its brand promise....

41 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow

Not to be dramatic, but digital marketers today live and die by the tools of the trade. Modern marketers are expected to be a million places at once. Whether we’re digging through data or fine-tuning our social presence, relying on the right digital marketing tools...

Writing Website Content: Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Whether you’ve just spent thousands of dollars on a custom website build or you’re using an off-the-shelf stock website theme, you’ll ultimately have to address the elephant in the room. Your elephant, my friend, is writing website content. It’s the one thing,...

FREE Event Marketing Masterclass for Volunteers

Our next Marketing Masterclass is on Thursday 22nd February 2018 and if  you organise or promote events then this Masterclass is for you! We'll be teaching you some of our secrets in how to promote events for free so it's an ideal tool for your charity or small...

Checklist: 10 Places to Put Your Small Business Logo

Once you create the logo to best represent your company, you have to start using it strategically so it can have the most impact. LogoMaker has published an infographic with a checklist of 10 spots where you should use your logo. When your logo is out in public, you...

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