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Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) is a not-for-profit marketing company that provides low-cost marketing and support to others. We give the opportunity for others to have great looking websites that don’t cost the earth, marketing services including social media PR and so much more…

Come and find out more about what we do and how we are different to other marketing companies

Low Cost Marketing Services

Our range of marketing services are designed to help local charities and community groups gain the most opportunities out of digital media tools. They include:

  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design & Printing
  • Photogaphy
  • and so much more…

Help for Job Seekers

Our voluntary and work experience opportunities are all about helping job seekers get into work (whatever the reasons). We provide FREE Training to Job Seekers in a number of areas including:

  • Marketing
  • Admin
  • IT
  • Website Design
  • Event Management
  • Graphic Design
  • and so much more…

Weekly Drop Ins

Come and visit us at the Seaside Community Hub every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for one-to-one help with basic IT skills and help to get into work or start your own business.

Come and Join Us

Come and be part of the team and help improve your own career plans as well as helping others in the local community.

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Eastbourne Business Awards 2015 in Education, Training and Motivation Category

TalkTalk Digital Hero 2015. You can read more about this in the Eastbourne Herald

Marketing news to share

Help for mums to get back into work

If you’re a mum and struggling to get back to work after having your children then we can help! You can receive free training and support in a weekly group in addition to one-to-one sessions with a work coach. You can receive a range of training and support including:...

Learn how to build a new WordPress website

Would you like to learn how to build a new Wordpress website? Then come along to our next Marketing Masterclass on Thursday 26th October at 10am. The training will last 2 hours and by the end of it you will learn how to build your own online portfolio which you can...

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Online Video Courses

Having online video courses available on your WordPress site is a wonderful way to bring traffic to your site and improve your business success. There are many benefits to having video courses on your WordPress site, despite the growing number of video lessons options...

How to Use the Psychology of Colors When Marketing

Color has been known to have a powerful psychological impact on people’s behavior and decisions, and this knowledge has been harnessed all too well by designers and marketers alike. Color can often be the sole reason someone purchases a product, where 93% of buyers...

The Right Way To Create A Budget For Your Website

You might think creating a budget for your website should be primarily based on how much you think you can afford. However, this will be based on your perception of value. In other words, what you think your website will be worth as a finished product will always put...

Please help us by writing a 5 star review on Google

We would really appreciate it if you could spare a minute and write a 5 star review for us on Google? If you're not currently using Google's reviews then here's some reasons why you should: For those who aren’t familiar, Google uses a five star rating scale to rank...

Love & Fashion courses

Love & Fashion provides an exciting and diverse range of classes and workshop, starting with the absolute beginners to gaining accredited qualifications. Always ensuring a fresh creative experience for all. View the courses...

5 Effective Steps for Resolving Conflict in Your Small Business

Most people say they hate conflict, yet avoiding it causes more problems. In today’s culturally diverse, multigenerational workforce it’s bound to happen. Conflicts can be frequent, often petty, and very costly between people speaking different languages, from...

4 Website Tweaks You Need to Make to Attract Media Attention

I am often being asked about how to get media attention for businesses. People tend to think that getting media attention is hard. It’s not, really. The problem is business owners don’t know how to set themselves up for attracting media attention. While there are...

Marketing Masterclasses

Our Marketing Masterclasses are on the fourth Thursday of every month and are geared towards helping job seekers gain some skills to help them find and stay into work. Our Masterclasses are all at 10am until 12pm however you're welcome to stay around for some...

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