Websites for Charities is a project run by Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC in order to help charities, agencies and community groups with their marketing by creating low-cost websites by training up volunteers who are out of work.

Why is this needed?

The number of unemployed people in Eastbourne has risen since 2005 from 2.2% to 3.6%, according to a recent report from the National Office of Statistics. Figures also confirmed that there are around 2,220 people in the town not working and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and claiming benefits. The figure may be much larger, as some may not claim benefit and therefore not register on any official figures. Unemployment has emotional and psychological consequences, such as depression, insomnia and risk of self-harm. Without work, people of all ages are also not contributing financially to Eastbourne’s economy or making a meaningful contribution to the community.

These factors mean that in the drive to seek work, the unemployed need training opportunities that are free of charge and available in an accessible location i.e. on a major bus route.

Many small- and medium-sized charities in Eastbourne lack a web presence to enable them to communicate their message. Given the widespread use of computers and the internet, such a presence is essential if charities are to achieve their objects. Many cannot through lack of funds, time and expertise.

Once the websites have been built by our team of volunteers free promotion will also be given in order to help get your project known.

You can order your website here.