With sleepless nights, post-natal blues, and the pressures of bringing up very young children, getting back to work is often the last thing on the minds of new mothers.

Fully immersing oneself in the world of new parenthood is often all-consuming. So, it is understandable that when mums reach a point when they need to return to work (mainly because of financial pressures) they have been out of the workplace for so long that they have no confidence in themselves or their ability. Single mums are more likely to feel isolated and without support – further hurting their chances. This causes stress-related conditions.
Lack of confidence is a major hurdle that needs to be overcome, and the longer they stay out of the workplace the harder it can be. Technology is constantly changing, and the workplace moves much faster, requiring an entirely different approach when balancing the demands of children from pre-pregnancy.

mums employabilityMums often need support in building their self-confidence and training in essential skills for job searching and workplace skills such as computers and administration. They also need help managing family relationships as they go back into work.

In order levitra ED https://levitraed.com/ levitra low price to meet these needs we have designed a new service, in addition to our ongoing programmes, to meet these needs and get mums back into work. We will run a range of free training programmes and workshops to help new mums from all walks of life increase their options and develop their skills for work and for life. Training will include work-relevant skills, from CV production and job searching skills to interview techniques. We will provide several voluntary work placements within our organisation to ease them back into work, so they can learn again about working to deadlines and being part of a team. We will add new elements to the training based on feedback so everyone keeps learning and sharing.

With the training will be a peer support group that meets every week. It will be focus for engagement with new mums in our community via HOME, which is well-established locally though its award-winning work. A chance to make new friends with other new mums, the group will help to reduce the social isolation they feel and offer practical help with issues such as getting back to work, managing work/life balance and managing family relationships. Their children will have the opportunity to make new friends and to feel included.

You can read more about the project here.