In Eastbourne 1 in 4 young people under the age of 25 are unemployed. It has also been reported that the challenges facing our young people include teenage pregnancy, youth homelessness, young people not in education or employment and young people as victims of crime. There are significant differences in outcomes for children and young people in different areas of the town. Eastbourne has a higher rate of people claiming JSA (2.6%) than the national average (2.4%) and this is significantly higher than for East Sussex (1.9%) and the South East as a whole (1.4%). We are based in Devonshire where the rate is significantly higher at 5.2%.

Our aim is to do something about this!

Those young people that are unemployed often lack the necessary skills to operate computers and may be dissuaded from becoming a volunteer. Our aim is to offer full training for people and no experience or knowledge of IT and computers. We will link up with libraries, Eastbourne Borough Council, Eastbourne Homes, and other local organisations and projects working to promote digital inclusion to explore opportunities for engagement.

Voluntary and Community groups in Eastbourne face significant obstacles in promoting their activities and core message. These include:

  1. Lack of skills and expertise in publicity and spreading the message;
  2. Time- and resource-limited volunteers who are unable to devote the man-hours required to fully promote their work
  3. Community Centres in less affluent wards (e.g. Langney, Hampden Park, Willingdon Tress) have limited resources to assist people;
  4. Lack of traning opportunities i.e. local institutions offer training for individuals in marketing and PR; no such training exists in Eastbourne for voluntary organisations.

The PR strategies for community groups will be tailored for their individual needs, so we may offer this service to many groups and not for a particular sector. Our linkage with local community service providers with detailed knowledge of Eastbourne’s third-sector community will give us the opportunity to reach out to more community groups than would otherwise be possible.