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Jobs are hard to come by and with the roll out of Universal Credit there is an increasing need for people to get into work however this is not always an option for people that live in Devonshire West and many barriers to work exist. These barriers including both physical and mental health problems including those suffering from fibromyalgia, ME, depress, anxiety, bi-polar, Asperger’s, autism etc.

We have since been asked to help support more and more people to create their own business which includes Devonshire Wests residents that make their own candles, soaps and cakes. They would like to be able to create their own business and learn the skills to promote their business, meet prospective customers and help with additional services such as book-keeping, admin, management etc.

We currently don’t have the existing resources to meet the demand of the number of Devonshire West residents that are seeking help and we would like to help those that can increase the economic well-being of our area in addition encourage a buy local scheme.

If you are able to fund this project then please get in touch!


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August 30, 2018