Having a great website is so important if you’re looking to grow your business!

We have noticed a trend in recent years for new businesses to skip having a website and just create a Facebook page however you could be missing out. Think about your website being your shop window. It’s where you can show customers and prospects all of what you have to offer.  Here’s a few tips that we’ve created for you on having your great website:

  1. Make sure your website is designed well. We do recommend that you use website designers (as opposed to build it yourself) as there’s so much more to build a website than using a template site. After all you wouldn’t let just anyone do your accounts for you would you?
  2. Use your words well. Think about what searches you would like people to find and add those important key words to your home page. How else will people find you if you don’t?
  3. Give a reason for people to come back to you? Websites should be live and not static so make sure that you add a blog or news section to share news and updates on a regular basis.
  4. Share your website news on social media platforms and don’t forget to send out regular emails. There’s no point having a great website if you don’t tell people about it.
  5. Make sure that you’re website works on mobile devices – it’s the new way for browsing online.
  6. Remember that your professional website doesn’t have to be expensive. Have a look at our prices here for you!

So however you get your website done get it done well and give us a call if you’d like our help!