content is king

It’s King Kong…

Content has become more important than just being crowned king… it’s now King Kong….

Consider your content as a big monster, it needs feeding on a daily basis and if you don’t give it the right attention then you could be wasting the money that you first invested on your website.

But it’s not just any content… It’s important content, with the right key words geared towards your audience with relevant and original copy.

Feeding your website with daily copy isn’t an easy task, it takes time, investment, energy and a level of skill so how is it really achievable especially if you’re running a small business by yourself and have so many other tasks to do? The first question we would ask is what’s going on with you?

Writing relevant copy about what you’re doing, what products or services you offer and what you think about relevant topics should give you an idea on some of the copy that you need to be writing about on a daily basis.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘People buy from people’ so don’t be afraid to share some of the mundane tasks that you are doing. The more your website visitors know about you the more they can connect with you. The only warning is to not give out any personal data about yourself and be careful when it comes to sharing jokes as not everyone has the same humour as you.

The more original and relevant content you share on a daily basis the more likely your website will appear in search engines so your time and energy you spend on your website should be worth it.

And once you have your website and update it on a daily basis then find out how to best share your content on social media here.