If you are posting content directly on your social media platforms then you’re doing it WRONG!

There seems to be a trend nowadays of people creating Facebook pages for their business and adding fresh content to their page or group however if you’re doing this then you could be missing out on so much more business.

This is because search engines are unlikely to pick up your content that is found on your Facebook page and don’t forget that not everybody uses social media however they will look at a website.

So the advice from experts says that fresh content should first be added to your website. Using original content, geared towards your audience and with key words. This content should then be shared across your social media content and again geared towards the audience on each of these platforms.

So what we’re really saying is that good social media tactics work best when you’re website is at the centre of it. Search engines will pick up the links and the content from your website. So the answer to your question is if you are using social media correctly then your social media activities will be serving your website.

Content from social media should do 2 things which we all the golden rules:

  • Your social media post should link back to your website
  • Your social media posts should be engaging (not selling)

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