The focus for Mental Health Awareness Week is about having a healthy workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.

Very few employers however focus on the mental health of their employees and we’d like to write a note to them.

The pressure of increasing demands, limited resources, focus on profits can have a negative impact on your employees and we wonder when you last asked if they were okay? Family life, worries about finance can also affect productivity at work – we aren’t machines, we have feelings, some of us get stressed and even frustrated with others who don’t have the same goals as us. So can you show you care to your employees and how do you encourage good mental health at work?

Mind Charity have released some resources for employers which you can download here.

But what if you’re out of work and suffering from poor mental health?

The countless amount of hours searching for non-existent jobs, number of of rejection letters and failed interviews can have a negative impact on our mental health so what do you do as an employer if you know a prospective employee suffers from poor mental health?

The job-applying, CV-writing, interview process in recruiting people with poor mental health is not always the best way so we would like to encourage you to think of other ways to give those a trial at work. So how about, trials at work days and invite people to come and visit, have a look around and have a go at some of the jobs that you need to get done? Another alternative is to sub-contract your work to other companies like Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC who have experience in providing work opportunities for people suffering both mental and physical disabilities.

Other ways of helping towards people financial stress at work is by starting a Workplace Savings Scheme with your local credit union. Search your local union to find out more about it.

However your recruitment and retention strategy works for people showing some at work some kindness and grace can actually go a long way in helping to improve their mental health.

So why not give it a go today!