Want to increase your brand awareness today?

A strong social media presence is a great way to boost brand awareness. But with so many platforms out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

Don’t worry, help is here! Read on for five smart social media branding tips to boost your brand awareness today.

1. Pick the Right Networks

It might not be your fault if you aren’t gaining traction on some of your social media platforms. Not every social media app will suit your business.

Whittle them down and find the ones that line up with your brand’s goals and image. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to make headway.

For example, if you manufacture steel, Tumblr isn’t likely the right fit. Its main demographic is teens and those in their early 20s. Something better for this type of business would be LinkedIn, which is a B2B network that focuses on business owners and professionals.

2. Visuals are Important

If each of your social media profiles has a different look, it’ll cause a disconnect for your users. You want your branding to remain consistent on all the platforms you use. This will aid users when it comes to brand recognition.

Choose a color palette and stick to it. Your goal should be to reach a point where people associate your brand with those colors. Make sure you’re using the same logo/avatar on each platform. People should see your logo and immediately associate it with your business.

3. Keep Your Topics Consistent

By curating content, you’ll be building your authority in your field. It’ll also provide a regular stream of posts that aren’t about self-promotion. It’s not easy creating blog posts, videos, and other content – you need a strategy.

You want to keep your topics relevant to your field and consistent, but also keep it engaging. Pick a couple of topics that are relevant to your field and start with those. For example, a decorating company would stick to home improvement and decorating tips.

4. Post on a Regular Basis

If you aren’t posting on a regular basis, all your social media branding efforts will go to waste. The simple fact is, if you’re out of sight, then you’re going to be out of mind too.

Experiment a bit to find the right frequency for your target audience and learn how to schedule a post. You can consider a social media analytics tool to help you, which will let you see what posting frequencies get the most attention.

5. Promote Yourself

It’s a challenge, but you need to build initial traction. It can be daunting getting those first few followers and might even seem impossible. Start by telling your existing customers and suppliers you have social media accounts.

Never assume that people will know – you have to tell them. You can’t sit back and wait for results; you need to promote your social media accounts. Add them to your flyers and put link buttons on your website. Spread the word!

Stand Out with These Social Media Branding Tips

So there you have it! By following these social media branding tips, you’ll increase your brand awareness.

Remember to pick platforms that suit your business. Make sure your color schemes and logos are consistent across platforms. When it comes to content, keep it relevant, simple, and engaging for your target audience. And most of all … post regularly!

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